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About Tekken Addiction

Tekken Addiction is a tekken game apk engineer situated in Helsinki, Finland, with workplaces in San Francisco, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai. Since our dispatch in 2010, we’ve carried six games to the worldwide market tekken 3 apk, tekken 4 apk, tekken 5 apk, tekken 6 apk, tekken 7 apk, tekken 8 apk. We will probably make the best games – games that are played by whatever number individuals as could be expected under the circumstances, appreciated for a considerable length of time and recalled until the end of time.

In the summer of 2010, Tekken Addiction was born. Back then, the owner had no clue what the organization would turn into. They just realized they needed to make incredible games that individuals would play for quite a long time. To do as such, they would make another sort of gaming organization.

The best groups make the best games

We utilized this basic sentence to depict our concept of another sort of games organization that would put individuals up front. We contemplated internally: “Imagine a scenario in which you set up together a games organization the manner in which you’d set up together an elite athletics group?” In that kind of model, the sole crucial the originators and the executives is procure the best ability for each and every position, make the most ideal condition for them, and after that escape the way. It would be a situation with zero administration. A spot where as well as could be expected have the greatest conceivable effect and nothing would hold them up. Everything else, including budgetary objectives, would be auxiliary. Throughout the years, we understood that much more significant than having the best individuals is having the best groups – similarly as in games, where World Cups and Championships are won by groups, not people.

Little and free cells

We’ve discovered that the best quality work originates from little groups in which each part is enthusiastic about what they do. As a rule when groups become greater, procedures, administration and even governmental issues develop, and the work simply isn’t fun any longer. That is the reason we needed to make an authoritative model made up of exceptionally little groups, or “cells” as we call them. Supercell is a gathering of these phones. Each game originates from a cell, and they all work amazingly freely and have unlimited oversight over their very own guide. Our authoritative model is upgraded for speed and energy, not for control.

Games that individuals will play for quite a long time

Huge numbers of us had been enormous fanatics of games like World of Warcraft, which a great many people play for a considerable length of time, not only weeks or months. Our fantasy was to make game administrations with life span that way. What’s more, we needed to make them for the most stretched out gathering of individuals conceivable. They would be games that nearly everybody could get into. The two center columns around which we needed to assemble this life span would be down play and social. We had confidence in the intensity of straightforward, fun game play. A significant number of us even ached for the brilliant long stretches of PC gaming when games were about extraordinary game play. What’s more, with regards to social, we just idea games would be increasingly fun when played with companions and other individuals.

Cross-stage beginnings

A significant piece of our unique item vision, back in May 2010 when we began, was building cross stage gaming administrations – games that you could sign into and play from any gadget. In any case, later on, our reasoning changed totally. On the off chance that you keep understanding, you’ll see why. To put it plainly, today we accept that as well as can be expected just be accomplished by concentrating on each stage in turn.

Our underlying subsidizing originated from the authors putting their investment funds into the organization. In addition, we obtained as a lot of cash as we could from Tekes, the Finnish government’s innovation subsidizing arm.

Our first office was in Niittykumpu in Espoo, Finland. It was really a long way from Silicon Valley, however we had all that we required: one 30-square-meter room, six work areas we got from a reusing focus, and obviously an espresso producer. Somewhat later on, when we began to procure more individuals, we figured out how to fit 15 individuals to that little room. Sooner or later there was no space for our CEO Ilkka any longer, so he needed to move out.